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Chiropractic Telemarketing: Delta Air Suit Reveals Challenges for Auto Accident Victims

Accident referral network, PI telemarketingA Hawaii man is pursuing a lawsuit against the Delta Air commercial airline after the company refused to provide wheelchair accommodations or help him to deplane, or to re-board the plane on his return trip.

Baraka Kanaan was due for spinal surgery at the time, according to local and national media reports. One report characterized Kanaan as disabled from a car accident in 2000.

This kind of negligence, which Kanaan says led to further spinal damage directly before his scheduled surgery, is part of a category of issues that chiropractic telemarketing or support staff have to deal with when they arrange care for those with auto accident injuries. Outreach teams have to specifically document the extent of injuries that can change over time, or according to specific external pressures.

A Lawsuit On Principle

According to Kanaan’s attorneys, he is not looking for a multi-million dollar payout just to get his hands on a bundle of money.

“My client is not litigious.” said Rick Holcombe to Hawaii News Now. “He’s not out to win the lottery.”

Instead, says Holcomb, the suit is designed to prevent this kind of disservice from happening to other people, including auto accident injury victims who may be partially paralyzed or otherwise disabled.

Personal Injury Telemarketing: Working Through Challenges

It’s hard enough for many auto accident injury victims to get the care that they need after an accident. Insurance companies typically require a certain statute of limitations, and accident victims may have to act quickly to document their injuries. Assuming that they get a fair payout from the insurance company, various types of bureaucratic obstacles may still keep these individuals from a more effective recovery.

In addition, problems like the ones that disabled people encounter when companies fail to provide support can cause a relapse in conditions, even with the best care. Doctors and lawyers who help auto accident victims, as well as third party PI Telemarketing and support employees, understand the challenges that these families are up against. A dedicated network of professionals work to secure the care that’s needed and to advise each individual auto accident injury victim on his or her full range of opportunities and choices to get the care and treatment needed to rebuild a life after a tragic roadside injury.


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