Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Maryland DC & Adding Local Benefits Data

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Maryland DC & Adding Local Benefits Data

Accident referral network, PI telemarketingFor professional chiropractors and others working on their behalf, it’s the million-dollar question: what do web readers want to see on a chiropractic web site?

Like other similar sorts of complicated questions, the answer is multi-faceted. First and foremost, readers want to see content that is original and unique. Too many chiropractic offices rely on generic or syndicated content, or even on empty blog posts stuffed with meaningless SEO tags. Regardless of geo targeting and other strategies, these web sites aren’t likely to succeed, because they won’t fool actual readers who are coming to a site looking for information on chiropractic care.

Beyond that first and fundamental commandment to produce good unique content, web readers also want to be engaged. They want direct, personal resources that seem relatable. That means including helpful information, writing web pages that talk to the reader, and also including useful local or community-oriented material.

Writing to a Local Audience

For an example of a chiropractic office that represents itself in a compelling local way, check out the web site of Park Bench Chiropractic in Frederick, Maryland. Even the name, Park Bench Chiropractic, evokes the idea of a doctor’s office that is local, that’s grounded in a relatable ambience that’s welcoming to visitors. Unlike fancy names featuring words like ‘holistic’ and ‘rehabilitation,’ Park Bench Chiropractic just rings.

Adding to that, the content that web readers find on the blog is very specifically written for local prospective patients. One of the best examples is a recent 2013 insurance update that shows how local public school employees will utilize their health benefits at the office. The post also talks about county and city employees, and workers at other local academic institutions.

The insurance update is an example of a creative idea that really serves customers. It’s more than just putting together an anatomy chart or talking about whiplash. It brings resources that people can actually use as they research their options for chiropractic care.

Along with this excellent outreach idea, the blog includes posts on upcoming events and more information about what’s happening at the practice. It also includes posts on controversial issues like barefoot running, and other health information that patients can use, but one of the most powerful components of the site is its clear and transparent demonstration of what doctors are doing and how the office is contributing to the community.

Doing More with Accident Referral Network

Adding additional multi-channel chiropractic marketing doesn’t mean that internal online marketing isn’t working. It’s just a nice supplement to the hard work that doctors do in preparing the best locally targeted web projects. The Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company, offers personal injury telemarketing services that will generate more new patient traffic and word-of-mouth about a local practice. Talk to us about how to add this component to a vibrant marketing campaign.


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