Accident Referral Network News: Meet the Doctor in Albany, New York

Accident Referral Network News: Meet the Doctor in Albany, New York

Accident referral network, PI telemarketingSometimes, larger chiropractic offices can have unique challenges that aren’t the same as what smaller practices deal with in terms of marketing. For those who are experienced in handling chiropractic marketing and helping practices to represent themselves the right way, it’s clear that there’s a difference between brand building for a small ‘mom and pop’ type individual practitioner office and a larger, more distributed business.

For example, it’s relatively easy for a single doctor to represent a personal, even homespun approach. Patients get used to seeing one name and one perspective on a web site or other marketing resource.

By contrast, multi-doctor practices sometimes seem more formal and less personal – and, in some cases, this may even mean that they lose out on some kinds of web traffic or new patient attraction. Doctors have to work to identify where their online marketing may be weak, and try to work with these aspects to increase brand building, and, ultimately, local ‘market share’ as many offices compete for business.

Keeping a Multi-Doctor Practice Personal

You can find examples of efforts to make multi-doctor practices relatable to patients at sites like this one from Delmar Chiropractic in Albany. On the ‘meet the doctor’ page, four different doctors are profiled. That makes it hard for the practice to present a personal perspective in a short, simple way.

To deal effectively with this challenge, posters have combined a short list of qualifications and credentials, along with short and choppy quotes from each doctor that show their care philosophies and outlooks in the first person, in other words, using ‘I’ language. This is key for allowing the doctors to speak directly to patients in this introductory resource.

Another example here is how the practice handles its regular content. Many single doctor practices have a blog, and independent doctors may write personal narratives and even go off into somewhat tangential opinions on their blogs.

Instead of a blog, the Delmar practice has a side tab called ‘community content’ with a wide menu of resources. Practices like these may not be able to sustain doctor-written blogs. It may be that not all of the doctors are able to write content, or the practice may not be able to set a consistent tone. Changing the format of these resources helps to handle these kinds of issues and still give web readers a welcoming and useful experience when they visit the site.

Personal Injury Telemarketing for Multi-Doctor Practices

Big chiropractic offices with multiple doctors also have big scheduling needs. In order to avoid significant holes in the schedule, there has to be consistent new patient traffic to keep all of these qualified providers busy. The Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company, can provide better traffic and growth with personal injury telemarketing campaigns to fit a client’s needs. Talk to us about adding marketing resources that work.


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