Personal Injury Telemarketing News: New Hampshire Chiro & Using the Testimonial

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: New Hampshire Chiro & Using the Testimonial

Accident referral network, PI telemarketingMost of those who analyze or write content for chiropractic marketing would agree that testimonials are a fundamental piece of putting together a well-featured web site to attract web readers and get a chance at some new patient traffic for a local practice. But there are different ways to include testimonials in a site.

Doctors may have compiled a few remarks from previous patients for a site page, but if testimonials are too vague or abstract, the practice might be missing out on some of the interest that comes from giving a more detailed or scientific view of what doctors do to help patients heal.

An Appeal for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Here’s an example from Connaughty Chiropractic Center in New Hampshire that demonstrates a very sophisticated technique for using testimonials on a web site.

On this site, a patient identified as Anna N. talks about a lengthy medical history and a series of treatments around the very common carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel affects many people in various types of jobs. It’s related to a lack of ergonomic positioning, and repetitive motion that can damage nerves and tissues in the hands, wrists and arms.

In the case of Anna N., this patient testified that she first got cold laser treatment and acupuncture for carpal tunnel syndrome. This was followed by cortisone shots, another common suggestion for this type of condition. Then, said Anna, she went to a place called New Harmony for therapeutic massage and related services.

Eventually, this patient consulted a chiropractor for active release technique or ART. Active release technique is a common service provided by professional chiropractors for alleviating the symptoms of these types of conditions.

Commentary on Chiropractic and Active Release Technique

In her testimonial, Anna comments on this technique in a very specific way. Higher in the post, she notes that different treatments were “helping, but moving very slowly” – then later, in describing the results of the chiropractor visit, she says that “things started to move along.”

Later on in the post, she talks about alleviating the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, along with a condition called scoliosis.

While this testimonial follows the common chiropractic testimonial in revealing some of the basic benefits of chiropractic care, it also goes a step deeper into talking about a very specific treatment option for carpal tunnel syndrome. People with this condition may read this and see some correlation to their medical history, which can cause them to get more interested in the practice and what it has to offer.

Adding Personal Injury Telemarketing

It’s great to get high-level web resources onto a site, but doctors can also get more vibrant new patient traffic by using third party services. At the Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company, our personal injury telemarketing teams work with doctors to provide campaigns that generate more visibility for a local chiropractic office.


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