Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Issaquah DC’s Laser Precision

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Issaquah DC’s Laser Precision

Accident referral network, PI telemarketingLots of marketers who want to explore the best strategies for online chiropractic marketing look very closely at all of the creative ways that doctors use individual and unique resources to go beyond the basics. But there’s also the idea of covering these basics when you’re putting together a comprehensive web site for a practice.

Although many consider injury and treatment information to be somewhat ‘old hat,’ the fact is that many of those who research chiropractic on the web want to see some of these resources. They don’t want to see them in a bland, generic context — they also want to see information about how doctors are inspired to practice, and engaged in their communities, and how practice workers have a lot of fun when they come into the office. However, along with this, many of them are looking for specific solutions where you might get a lot of people entering Google question phrases such as – ‘how can I deal with [my condition]?’

Detailing Modern Treatments

To facilitate this need, some doctors have highlighted some of the most modern and sophisticated treatments on their sites. For instance, take a look at this Highland Chiropractic clinic site located in the exotically spelled area of Issaquah, Washington.

A substantial site page for this practice goes over the science of the Erchonia laser, introducing this treatment by saying it’s the first approved by the FDA for certain conditions. Later in the post, the practice invokes the names of Einstein and others to show some of the history of laser light in therapeutic use.

This resource also differentiates between low level and high level lasers. This is a big detail, as high powered lasers are often used for much more aggressive kinds of treatments, and where low energy lasers work in a more subtle way. Plastic surgeons and others working with skin, tissues or muscles are often familiar with how low-level laser works and how it stimulates certain changes in cell tissues.

Here, the practice details some of the conditions that can be treated with the level lasers, including:

joint or tissue pain

carpal tunnel syndrome


slow healing wounds

In a scientific vein, this practice also goes over issues like wavelengths and light emitting diodes as well as giving some sorts of treatment and recovery information.

Having these resources on this site often helps. It’s one thing to get patients involved and engaged in reading about a practice, but without any detail on treatment, they may be persuaded to go to where. People want to get a rough idea of not only what they will encounter, but how they can be healed, and that drives some of these effective marketing practices.

Can You Use Personal Injury Telemarketing?

The fact is that almost all practices could use additional means of reaching out to new patients to generate more business over the long term. The Accident Referral Network helps chiropractors in the state of Washington, offering customized personal injury telemarketing campaigns connecting car accident patients with licensed chiropractors. Talk to us about building one of these services that would help your office stand the tests of time.


Personal Injury Telemarketing Issaquah, WA

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