Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Indiana Chiro’s Personal Narrative

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Indiana Chiro’s Personal Narrative

Accident referral network, PI telemarketingLet’s face it, there are a lot of chiropractor offices out there. There’s at least one in just about every small town, and dozens in any given metro area. These types of businesses blanket the country, and it’s hard for individual doctors and practices to be seen and heard.

In response, chiropractors think carefully about how to get prominence and brand visibility with web site content. Doctors who understand the nature of competitive online marketing for chiropractic services work hard to make their own sites stand out, and to represent their practices well on all of the advertising media that they use

One fundamental way to do this is by making sure that when people click into your site, they see real content that they can use. This often means getting doctors to either post on their own, or personally approve content that includes details about themselves and their lives, as well as the local areas that they practice in

Local Chocolate?

Dr. Bryan Bingham practices in Broad Ripple, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis. His blog and site, Compass Chiropractic, is a local resource for readers. When they click into the site to find information about chiropractic services, local residents will find references to shops and landmarks that they see around town.

For instance, take this November 26, 2013 blog post titled “Is chocolate really healthy for you?” Here, Dr. Bingham is using a common strategy of talking about diet and lifestyle in connection with chiropractic services. However, he takes this idea a lot further toward relatability for local web readers. After talking about the health effects of chocolate, Bingham ends with a dedicated paragraph called “Where to buy chocolate in Indianapolis?”

Here, Dr. Bingham talks about specific places within Broad Ripple where residents can buy chocolate. These include the local farmers market, specialty shops and other venues.

“If you are looking for a great chocolate selection after your next visit to Compass, stop by The Fresh Market for a wide selection of various types of chocolate.” writes Dr. Bingham. “This is dangerously close, and I have been known to shoot over for a chocolate bar from time to time.”

Why end the blog this way? Because it shows readers that a doctor is not only experienced and qualified, but that he or she is dedicated to working in a local area, that the doctor works and lives there, and that there is actually somebody thinking about how to market services on the web.

Using Personal Injury Telemarketing

Even those doctors with the best web resources just might not reach quite the number of people that they feel they should. In these cases, it’s relatively easy for doctors to call the Accident Referral Network,  a premier chiropractic telemarketing company, and get other marketing efforts to create multichannel campaigns that work. Our personal injury telemarketing teams go to work for your office to get it noticed in a competitive marketing environment.


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