Having an Accident Referral Network: A Professional Chiropractor Discusses Networking Options

Having an Accident Referral Network: A Professional Chiropractor Discusses Networking Options


Accident referral network, PI telemarketingMany modern providers know that they need sophisticated systems for customer outreach and networking to benefit their practices. That said, there are a lot of different opinions about what particular accident referral network systems and strategies will best support a growing chiropractic or spinal care business.

Some useful pieces of input come from experienced professionals with a history of practicing in the chiropractic field. Take this example from Dr. Chris Owen, posted several years ago on the doctor’s blog. Owen, who started out in business administration, gained experience as a chiropractor within a high volume practice and found that different kinds of outreach are vital for this kind of medicine.

“What sort of promotions do you have planned for this fall to increase the legs on your chiropractic network marketing tree?” writes Owen in a Sept. 5, 2011 blog post detailing her journey through the spinal injury care field.

Chiropractic Networking Models

One idea that Dr. Owen mentions is the metaphor of a chiropractic business network as a ‘tree.’ This distributed approach helps a practice to attain a steady volume of business, instead of just eking out a living based only on word-of-mouth. Additional third party personal injury telemarketing services and other networking support function as various additional “outreach streams” that complement the natural kinds of outreach like word-of-mouth, and the sustainable customer traffic that a practice gets from customer loyalty programs.

By investing in and implementing new kinds of high-tech telecommunications and data handling systems, pi telemarketing services and other support businesses bring a lot to the table. These kinds of operations can help a chiropractor practice to get the word out about the range of services that these offices perform for patients. By relying on accident referral network systems and similar services, doctors benefit from:

  • new data retention strategies that promote better records with incoming new patients
  • high-volume marketing that reaches out to a diversity of patients within a local area
  • offices that work according to all applicable laws and standards for a given area and market

Whether it’s a white paper from a magazine or insights from actual medical professionals, various sources show how important personal injury telemarketing services and other outside help has become to a modern medical practice. Chiropractic offices and clinics often need these kinds of services to compete in a fast-paced industry where patients seek services quickly and according to their immediate needs. Many practices have found that by pursuing good business partnerships, they are able to grow their patient roster, build visibility and enhance their “local brand” in a community. These kinds of core pi marketing setups build models that last years, for businesses that will be significant sources of jobs and patient care in the neighborhoods they serve.



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