Accident Referral Network News: Florida Chiropractor’s Unusual Resources

Accident Referral Network News: Florida Chiropractor’s Unusual Resources

Accident referral network, PI telemarketingWhen professionals talk about online chiropractic marketing, they often talk about a few core things – blogs, meet the doctor pages, testimonials and a few other key resources that are part of the average templated site. Many of these play key roles in giving individual web readers the tools they need to make decisions about chiropractic care.

But in chiropractic marketing, as in so many other things, there is more than one way to go about the same goals and objectives.

Doctors can brainstorm around creating their own resources that are different from what other practices offer. Creating something different gives doctors a better chance of presenting their businesses as unique places to go for different types of chiropractic care and services.

Alternative Resources On a Chiropractic Site

Take a look at this example from Cooper City, Florida, where a website called elevation represents the practice of Dr. Rolando Toulon. On the top level of this site, you don’t see a blog or a “Meet the Doctor” page. Instead, you see a few elements that you don’t usually see. One is a ‘frequently asked questions’ page.

In the FAQ, Dr. Toulon and staff treat such common questions as “what is chiropractic?”  and “Is chiropractic care expensive?” along with “Is chiropractic care safe?”

Hundreds and hundreds of practices treat these very same questions, but in a different way. Doctors may post basic information points on blogs or prominent practice pages that have to do with these kinds of questions. However, most of them do not create a frequently asked questions page. By doing this, the practice is framing these questions in a different way, and arguably, making it easier for web readers to find the answers to their questions.

In addition to a detailed FAQ, the practice also maintains a page called the Core Four. Here Dr. Toulon details four fundamental aspects of overall health: function, fitness, nutrition, and education.

In lieu of a ‘meet the doctor’ site page, there’s a page called ‘dinner with the doctor’ that talks about a monthly event held in the community, where the practice interacts with local residents.

All of this is part of a much different presentation for chiropractic services that can give a practice that better chance of attracting and retaining new patients.  Even with the vast competition existing in the chiropractic industry, many practices don’t take the time or make the effort to create unique resources, and as a result, they simply don’t stand out on the web. Even those who put in a lot of time and effort may not get the results that they want.

Working With Accident Referral Network

If your practice doesn’t have the vibrant new patient traffic that you’ve been looking for, think about partnering with the Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company. Our chiropractic telemarketing teams go to work for our client practices, to get them more attention from locals and to help develop and promote their local brands. Talk to us about proactive solutions to build success for the long term.


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