Chiropractic Telemarketing News: California Chiropractor Talks About Posture

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: California Chiropractor Talks About Posture

Accident referral network, PI telemarketingSometimes the best way to talk to web readers and prospective patients is the most direct way. That doesn’t mean that doctors have to limit themselves in what they express online, or dumb down messages for an audience. On the contrary, people like to see a diverse set of resources on a chiropractic blog, and in-depth materials that show the practice is knowledgeable and competent at treating patients.

However, a lot of people looking for quick information on chiropractic want online chiropractic marketing materials to get to the point. They want things that they can relate to, and material that discusses common injuries and chronic conditions in ways that will help them do basic research.

Posture and Chiropractic

Within that conventional ‘canon’ of chiropractic topics, there is the underlying issue of daily habits. This includes someone’s posture.

Bad posture may or may not cause chronic spinal problems on its own, but it’s definitely a contributing factor in a lot of cases of lower back pain and other common complaints that chiropractic doctors hear from patients. That’s why doctors may include details on posture as part of patient education resources online.

For an example of this kind of approach, take a look at the Whalen Chiropractic blog, where Dr. Wayne M. Whelan in Santee, CA writes about various issues related to chiropractic care. In addition to passing the Google test (for unique content,) this blog does a good job of reaching out to a web audience with some very relevant kinds of chiropractic topics.

In a blog post titled “Are you sitting properly?” Dr. Whalen first talks about how sedentary we are as a culture, and then about what happens when people spend a lot of time sitting improperly. He also gives some helpful tips to online readers, including keeping feet on the floor, keeping knees properly aligned, and having ergonomic chairs and good seating arrangements. He also points out what other doctors also recommend, that sitters should get up and move around regularly. This helps with posture and spinal health, along with circulation and other aspects of wellness.

“Most adults would readily agree that posture is important.” writes Dr. Whalen. “Most of that group would also admit that they don’t actively think about posture…it just happens. For the next 30 days, make an effort to really think about your posture and pause a couple times per day…”

Utilizing Chiropractic Telemarketing Services

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