Accident Referral Network: Building a Chiropractic Clinic

Accident Referral Network: The Chiropractor’s Wife – From the Perspective of One “Spousal Blogger”

Accident referral network, PI telemarketingObviously, those within the chiropractic community have a range of different experiences that inform their efforts to build a practice. Some exit their schools with degrees to become employees of a larger practice, while others don’t find these kinds of jobs and have to set up an office on their own.

Some of the most real life chiropractic experiences get documented on small blogs and web sites that show the journey of a chiropractic professional. These kinds of testimony are part of what spinal care professionals look at when they try to decide how to set up a new business, whether to engage resources like an Accident Referral Network, and how to staff and maintain their new clinics.

Input from “The Chiropractor’s Wife”

One of the many small blogs on blogspot focuses specifically on the challenges facing a chiropractic professional and his family, from a wife’s point of view. While “The Chiropractor’s Wife” contains only very periodic posts, the blog does tell the story of practice building, straight from the heart.

“My husband’s basic desires going in to chiropractic in the first place was to help people, and to be able to provide for his modest little family.” writes TCW in a June 11, 2012 post, adding a handed-down list of the three essentials for success in the industry: passion, skill, and opportunity. “The truth of the matter is that there is not an abundance of opportunity in the chiropractic profession as it is today.”

Subsequent posts reveal more about the problems around purchasing an existing practice, and the risks of sinking personal savings into a chiropractic enterprise. There’s also a newer July 13 post about the challenges of practicing in the chiropractic field overseas. All of this speaks to the community of individuals that emerge with medical degrees and training in chiropractic medicine, and may struggle to find work or grow a practice.

The Stages of Practice Building

Typically, the initial challenges of a chiropractic clinic revolve around getting the key resources in place, and finding an initial patient base. As the business continues, practice leaders often need to look around for more ways to grow a patient roster, to keep a steady influx of business. This is where many chiropractic offices falter.

In many cases, maintaining adequate customer outreach and advertising for a chiropractic business is more than its founders can handle. Chiropractic Marketing Companies like the Accident Referral Network, with personal injury telemarketing that’s targeted to the practice needs, can fulfill this critical step in the path from beginning to success, supporting these fledgling medical businesses as they grow. For more, look at the specific kinds of services that this marketing option can provide to a single chiropractic professional or a group practice.


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