Accident Referral Network: Yakima, WA Chiropractor Discuss the Insidious Nature of Back Pain

Accident Referral Network: Yakima, WA Chiropractor Discuss the Insidious Nature of Back Pain

Accident referral network, PI telemarketingMany of the best chiropractic doctors around will tell you that lots of spinal conditions manifest slowly and with a lot of subtlety. One of the big challenges in this kind of health care is that patients will have a lot of confusion and questions about the origin and onset of health conditions, as well as treatment options and more.

At the Accident Referral Network, we pay attention to how doctors talk about chiropractic care. We’re in the business of helping professional chiropractors to market their services and give their offices and clinics a lot of visibility wherever they happen to be. We know that when it comes to this kind of business, words are important, and the ways that doctors frame their services matter. With that in mind, we are always looking at how doctors succeed in chiropractic marketing and how to bring more to the table to reach toward success.

Talking About the Excuses for Living with Pain

Here’s one way that a Washington chiropractic doctor addresses the issues of subtlety in chiropractic treatment. In this Kroner Chiropractic blog in Yakima Washington, Dr. Kroner writes about an enumerated list of excuses people give for why they have back pain. These include:

  • lack of exercise
  • old injuries
  • arthritis and aging issues
  • inherited conditions

These beliefs, reasons, and or excuses don’t just come out of the blue.” writes Dr. Kroner. “They are perpetuated by society, a lifetime of misinformation and sometimes even by certain physicians.”

In talking about the goals that people set for themselves and the avenues that they use towards pain management, Dr. Kroner also warns against a scatter-shot approach that may leave pain sufferers feeling unsatisfied in the long run.

“Most patients buy into a certain treatment which on the surface makes sense because at least in the beginning the person feels better.” writes Dr. Kroner. “But then frustration sets in when the Medication or Exercise or attempted curative just isn’t working anymore. At the same time using pain as a way to monitor our health is a very poor way to live in the long run. Waiting for the pain to show up again gives way to all the reasons and excuses all over again and so the cycle continues.”

What Dr. Kroner is pointing out here is absolutely relevant to the nature of chiropractic marketing and spinal care services. Patients need to understand their options and know how chiropractic care fits into the larger context. They need to think carefully about what kinds of pain and health issues they are living with, and why these things have manifested in their lives. They also need to look at cost.

By getting out unique messages to a local community, doctors are improving their ability to fill their patient rosters and succeed over time. Partnering with the Accident Referral Network can help. Our skilled personal injury telemarketing teams can help to bring in qualified new patients in ways that will advance an individual chiropractic office or clinic and support ongoing operations over many years.


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