Accident Referral Network: Chiropractic Role in Fetal Development

Accident Referral Network: Chiropractic Role in Fetal Development, L&D Care


Accident referral network, PI telemarketingAt the Accident Referral Network, a premiere personal injury telemarketing service for chiropractors, those in charge of designing marketing and outreach programs keep a close eye on how different kinds of practices get their messages out to potential patients. Different chiropractic professionals will pursue these kinds of messaging in much different ways. It’s interesting to look at some of the major approaches that these types of doctors bring to the table in discussing the role of chiropractic care and its general context.

One good example is a new chiropractic blog from Austin, Texas. The Patzer Chiropractic blog is just starting to let patients know about some of the health and wellness outcomes that they can get from chiropractic consultation and treatment.

Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy

The primary focus of this brand-new chiropractic blog is illustrated in an August 6 post on pregnancy. Here, Dr. Julia Pinkerton discusses some of the reasons why pregnant women are benefiting from chiropractic services.

“Chiropractors are experts on how to GET the body healthy and KEEP it there.” writes Dr. Pinkerton. “Being a female chiropractor, I have a special interest in mothers and keeping them as healthy and in alignment as possible.”

Throughout the post, Dr. Pinkerton shares about how good spinal alignment can be so important for pregnant women, and how It can affect a birthing process. She points out that the nervous system is a primary element of fetal development, and talks about why the spinal column is so important.

The nervous system is the master control system of our body and the neural tube is the first thing to develop in the fetus, which becomes our central nervous system.” writes Dr. Pinkerton. “It coordinates all functions.”

Specifically, she explains, spinal health can affect the way the heart beats, and breathing rhythms. All of these things can be interconnected with the idea of the health of the fetus in utero, and that’s why, although chiropractic care is generally not seen as directly related to prenatal, many women are choosing to see spinal care professionals, not just for the above reasons, but in attempts to make the birth less painful and easier.

Dr. Pinkerton also breaks down how spinal misalignment can cause different challenges for pregnant women, for example, using practical positioning scenarios to highlight how better spinal health can improve quality of life for pregnancy in key ways.

Reaching Out Through Third Party Marketing Services

The kinds of natural and focused chiropractic outreach that we’ve showcased here are very important for doctors. Practices often benefit from having good, cohesive internal marketing materials. But there’s another challenge in chiropractic care, which is to get the word out to a larger number of patients. That’s where doctors can use services like the Accident Referral Network and quality personal injury telemarketing to bring their visibility to a broader audience and get more chances of long-term success for their businesses.




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