Accident Referral Network: Warning to Car Insurance Policy Holders

Accident Referral Network: Six Warnings for Auto Insurance Policy Holders

Accident referral network, PI telemarketingMost of us are responsible drivers and purchase adequate auto insurance to keep vehicles legally on the road. But for someone who is paying each month for car insurance, there are a number of hidden costs, and lots of tips that can protect policy holders from owing more money than they would need to. Here are some of the best pieces of advice that personal injury telemarketing people might give policy holders after an accident, or that other advocates might mention in a claims process, or for policy shopping.

Loaning Out Your Car Can Be Expensive

One common tip is to limit how you hand the keys to other drivers, even close friends or family members. If someone else has even a minor accident in your car, premiums could go way up. This is one way that drivers can get soaked for insurance costs over time.

Choose Your Wheels Judiciously

Another great tip is to understand the basic “vehicle risks” attached to a particular car model. Although insurance companies won’t release the official rates for different cars, drivers can find out about risk by looking at safety agency information and theft statistics.

Faster cars, cars with more performance features, or high theft risk vehicles can carry much higher premiums. A safer, family sedan is best for auto insurance savings.

Lock Up or Remove Valuables from Unattended Cars

In many cases, an auto policy won’t cover personal possessions left in a car. Even with comprehensive insurance, this can be an issue.

Teens Can Cost You

A new teen driver can push up rates for a family policy a lot more than some families expect. Mitigate these costs by enrolling new drivers in safety courses, using grade-based discounts, and giving teens less flashy, speedy or valuable cars to “practice” on.

Consider Up-Front Premium Payment

Another tip that not all auto policy holders know about is that insurers often offer discounts for up-front payment. Although smaller monthly payments are more convenient, they can also cost a lot more. Look for any of these price differences when shopping around, and plan accordingly.

Look for Rates to Spike After a Claim

Nearly any kind of claim can cause dramatic rises in premiums, up to 40-60%. Sometimes, “accident forgiveness” policies can help with a first-time fender bender, but it’s a good idea to read up specific policy details, not when a claim is made, but before that, since some policies advertised as “accident forgiveness” might hide details on how the insurer might in fact hold a grudge.

Bad Credit? You May Pay More

It’s also important for auto insurance shoppers to understand that many companies will use credit scores in factoring risk and premium rates for drivers. Again, this is something that might be negotiated, but only if the policy shopper knows how the insurance company calculates his or her rates in underwriting.

More Personal Injury Telemarketing Tips

Drivers can get information about all of these issues and more, from safety agencies, consumer advocates and others like personal injury telemarketing companies like Accident Referral Network.

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